3 Reasons Why Fall Might be the Best Season  Juniper Wealth Management

Summer is over, but that’s a reason to celebrate. Autumn is arguably the most beautiful season and the best time for gardening, spending time outside, and traveling. Here are some ways to enjoy what just might be the best season of the year.

It’s Time to Harvest 

Fall is harvest time. Pumpkins, squash, and apples fill grocery stores, and if you have a garden, your own produce might be ready to pick. Of course, not everyone has a garden – gardening can be too time-consuming for people who work full-time or travel frequently. But, one of the perks of retirement is having more free time to relax, adopt a hobby, or develop your social life. All of those things can also be benefits of gardening. A garden is beautiful and functional and can be a good form of light exercise and a way to enjoy the outdoors.

Sweater Weather

For many of us, hot summer weather isn’t ideal. With autumn comes less sun and humidity, which makes spending time outside way more enjoyable. If you’ve felt like you’ve been stuck inside during the summer because it’s just too hot out, make taking walks or sitting outside a priority this fall.

Travel Can Be Less Expensive and Less Crowded

Retirement is your never-ending summer, which means you can travel whenever you want. With kids back in school and vacation days spent during the summer, many destinations are less crowded during the fall. That means less worry about making reservations at popular hotels and restaurants. Your experiences at museums, parks, and other tourist locations could also be more enjoyable and take less time without long lines. Fall is typically the “off-season” for many vacation destinations. Hotels are generally cheaper, and airfares might be lower too. If you’re looking to travel in retirement without overspending, then autumn could be the best time.

It’s a Good Time to Review Your Finances

After your summer traveling is over and before the busyness of the holiday season starts, take time to review your finances. This can include reviewing your portfolio to see if you’re taking on an appropriate amount of risk, reviewing your tax strategy, and planning out any retirement account contributions or distributions you’ll make before the end of the year. Autumn can also be the perfect time to meet with a financial advisor to discuss your long-term financial goals and create or update your plan.

Fall might be the best season of the year, and retirement the best season of life. If you’re looking forward to a vacation that stretches past summer to embrace the whole year, the professionals at can help you plan for it. We’ll consider your lifestyle goals and unique concerns about the long road ahead. Click HERE to take the first step.