At Juniper Wealth Management, we work with a select group of CPAs and Attorneys with MBAs in taxation to design the most tax-efficient plan for you. We understand the importance of looking forward into your journey and consider various strategies to make your future tax-efficient to minimize your lifetime tax burden.

Since every financial move you make has tax implications, having a comprehensive retirement plan with tax-smart investment strategies is vital.

Remember, it’s not only what you make but what you keep.



Five Helpful Tax Planning TipsFive Helpful Tax Planning Tips.

The 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is now official. You may be wondering how the rewritten code will impact exemptions, credits, and individual tax rates for the 2019 tax-filing season. Download this free guide to get the clarity you need on the many factors that can impact whether your taxes will increase under the overhauled tax code. In addition to changes to your tax bracket and deductions (such as the number of dependents), there are other aspects of your overall tax strategy that we’ll help you address.