Juniper Wealth Management houses a select group of CPAs and Attorneys with MBAs and extensive professional and academic qualifications in financial services and tax strategies. With knowledge of tax laws and effective strategies, our tax experts help you achieve tax minimization not only in your current year, but across your whole retirement timeline.

How do we do that? We work closely with you to understand your unique financial situation so that we can apply our tax expertise in ways that benefit you most. We design a long-term tax plan tailored to your needs and goals that can help your saving stretch farther than you thought possible.

“We can’t stress enough the importance of increasing and preserving your retirement longevity. One of the main keys to achieving that is minimizing your taxes in the long term. That’s why we consider a multitude of strategies to make your future and entire lifetime tax-efficient.”

Every financial move you make has tax implications. Having a comprehensive retirement plan with tax-smart investment strategies is vital. At Juniper Wealth Management, we specialize in helping you address key questions and concerns:

  • How to transfer assets as you transfer into retirement without incurring huge taxes.
  • How to structure and restructure your investments so they don’t incur unnecessary taxes
  • How to optimize your Social Security benefits so you aren’t hit with greater taxes on your benefits
  • How to help your strategy keep up with constantly changing tax laws.
  • How to prepare your tax plan so that it accounts for multiple possible future changes to the tax code.
  • How to find and execute the optimal deductions and credits when filing each year.

Remember, it’s not only what you make but what you keep.



2023 Tax Planning Guide.

The 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is in effect now, but it’s set to expire in 2025. You may be wondering how the tax code might be restructured and how that may impact exemptions, credits, and individual tax rates for the tax-filing season, and what you can do now while the code is still in effect. If you’re uncertain about your tax situation, this guide will not only give you a fresh, clarifying look at all the important tax data, it will offer some key strategies that might help you best minimize your taxes today.

Download this free guide to get the insights you need on the many factors that can impact your taxes.