Life Insurance in the 21st century is vastly different from the old Life Insurance. Life Insurance is not only used for a Death Benefit to provide for loved ones, its used for its Living Benefits, as well. Ed Slott, America’s IRA Expert, says this about life insurance, “I do not sell life insurance. I am a tax advisor. And as a tax advisor, I can tell you that the single biggest benefit in the federal tax code is the income tax exemption for life insurance.”

We understand the last thing you want is to leave a financial burden behind for your business partners, spouse, children, and loved ones. That’s why our experienced team will help you choose the life insurance plan best suited for your specific situation.

Life Insurance is an important part of your plan that can help:

  • Pay taxes, including federal, state, inheritance, and estate taxes
  • Donate to your favorite charities
  • Buy & Sell Agreements
  • Cost-Efficient Key Employee Retention
  • Long Term Care Benefits in Retirement
  • Provide financial security for your loved ones
  • Create an inheritance
  • Create a Tax-Free Income Stream in Retirement
  • Long Term Care Benefits of Life Insurance

At Juniper Wealth Management, we’ll design a plan to help you pursue your goals.



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