We are in the midst of unprecedented events. Air travel banned from foreign countries. Non-essential traffic halted at the borders. School systems shut down for the remainder of the school year. Mandatory quarantines.

While precautions such as these are certainly necessary and will undoubtedly save lives, they will also very likely result in continued economic upheaval and market volatility. This impacts you and every other American preparing for or currently living in retirement.

In this environment of anticipated continued volatility, here are a few key items you may want to consider regarding your retirement assets:

  1. ALL-TIME LOW INTEREST RATES On Sunday, March 14, 2020, in an effort to stimulate the economy, the Federal Reserve dropped interest rates to 0- 0.25 percent.* While historically low interest rates may be positive for the economy, they often create challenges for conservative retirees using fixed interest financial vehicles in their portfolios.

If you have money sitting in any of these fixed interest options – Certificates of Deposit (CDs), money markets, treasury bonds or traditional fixed annuities – now is the perfect time to take another look at your current retirement plan and see if there are better options available. Why? Because there are still some products available which may provide you with meaningful interest rates.

Given the interest rate environment we’re currently in, these options are likely to change in the near future.

  1. CONTINUED MARKET DECLINES We’re watching it happen daily. Markets are repeatedly falling, interspersed with momentary rebounds. If you have money invested in the market, there’s a good chance you’re seeing your accounts give away a good portion of their gains from the past few years.

When this happens, it’s completely natural to consider pulling money out of the market to pursue more secure alternatives – perhaps even going to cash. And while most financial advisors would generally never recommend “selling low” and incurring a loss, the reality is that no one has a crystal ball, and no one knows where this market truly bottoms out. As a general rule of thumb, if you’ve been in the market for five years or more, you may very well still have significant gains you can “take off the table” – conserving them, rather than risking them further in a turbulent market.

If you are considering pulling some of your money from the market, we recommend at least considering options that afford a level of principal protection and higher potential for growth without being directly exposed to the stock market.


With all of this being said, please take heart. We are fully confident we’ll get through this, and things will return to normal. Whether thinking back to 9/11, the market crash of 2008 or other crises our country has faced, we are a resilient nation, and we will emerge on the other side of this.

However, just like everyone is doing with their physical health right now, we URGE YOU to be taking NECESSARY STEPS to ensure your financial health as well. If you aren’t currently 100 percent certain of the path you’re on, please contact us at 954-815-2961 MONDAY THRU SATURDAY 9am to 6pm or email me at to set up a virtual visit with me today!

In addition, please watch our Weekly Market Insights Educational Emails with Videos. These informational videos will be 5 minutes or less.

Finally, if you are a current client, great! If not, I still want to talk with you and help you with your questions. My goal is to help as many people as I can during these scary and uncertain times.


Jeff Juniper
Investment Advisor Representative IAR

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*Source: Accessed 3/19/20

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