Complimentary Retirement Planning Dinner Workshop

A Special Invitation For You.
Join Us for a Complimentary Dinner Workshop!

  • Date: Tuesday, November 19th OR Thursday, November 21st 2019
  • Time: 6:30 PM
  • Location: III Forks Steak House
  • Address: 4645 PGA Blvd, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

 The Stock Market Is Having Some Of The Highest Levels Of Volatility In Years. What Have You Done About It? Nothing? Big Mistake. Right now, you cannot afford to make any mistakes with your money. Whether you are already retired, or soon to be retired, you are in a very vulnerable position.

  • Do you know how much you will lose during the next stock market crash?
  • Did you know the stock market crashes 40% on average every 7 years since 1929?
  • Did you know the S&P 500 Index only grew by 2.85% on average per year from 2000 through 2018?
  • Did you know if you lose 50% you have to make 100% just to recover?
  • Did you know reasonably sustainable withdrawal rates have decreased from 6% down to 3%?
  • Do you know what a comprehensive written retirement plan is, and do you have one?
  • Did you know using certain conservative asset strategies can potentially help protect your assets against major losses?
  • Do you know how much income you can take out of your accounts and how long it will last?
  • Do you know how confident you should feel about your money?
  • Does your advisor put everything down for you in writing?
  • Do you really understand, and feel 100% confident, about your money and plans for retirement?

If You Answered “No” To One Or More Questions, You Need To Attend This Event. A Successful Retirement Doesn’t Happen By Chance. Learn The Latest Information And Plan Your Retirement.

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