How Will You Reinvent Yourself in Retirement? Juniper Wealth Management

For much of your life, you’ve focused on your career, your family, and the future. Now is the time to shift your focus onto yourself. With more free time to pursue the things you love and perhaps some new activities, you can “reinvent” yourself in this next phase of life after many years of hard work. Here are three ideas for reinventing yourself in retirement.

Exercise and Recharge

Find a sport that you are passionate about that gets you outside and moving. This can be a way to stay or get in shape in retirement – when you may not have had time to do so before. You can find a group to play with or go on runs with to add a social element as well. When it’s time to move your workouts inside, clear a space for a yoga mat, stationary bike, or treadmill. Remember that it’s possible to be a lifelong athlete if you’re dedicated and take good care of yourself.

Go Back to School

Have you ever dreamed of studying something else? Well, here is the opportunity to do so. It is never late to learn something new. Did you know that you can help finance going back to school with a 529 plan? If you’ve used a 529 plan to contribute to a child or grandchild’s education, you’ll be familiar with how the tax-advantaged account works. Funds grow tax-free in the account and can be withdrawn tax-free to pay for tuition, books, room and board, or other qualified education expenses.[1] If you have leftover money in a 529 account originally intended for a child or grandchild, you can use it for your own education. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Continuing your education is one way to use your free time in retirement, whether as part of pursuing another career or just nurturing an interest you didn’t have time for while you were working.

Work On Your Own Terms

Did you know that about 19 percent of individuals over 65 are still working, some by choice, others by necessity? By 2026, that number is expected to rise to 22 percent?[2] If you prefer to be busy, you can get a part-time job that you like or allows you more time to be social. Or, you can turn a hobby into a paying gig and be your own boss.

After many years of focusing on your career, your family, and planning for the future, it’s time to focus on yourself! This is the moment to reinvent yourself and create your ideal retirement lifestyle. If you focus on this, we can focus on the financial aspects of retirement. Click HERE to sign up to talk to us at about your retirement fears and goals, and we can help you create a comprehensive retirement plan.