Is Any of Your Stuff Valuable? Juniper Wealth Management

If you’ve lived somewhere for years, you’ve probably accumulated a lot of possessions. Maybe you’re running out of space, or you’re embracing the “spark joy” minimalist movement. Either way, having less clutter in your living space and better organization can help make a world of difference. If you’re looking to declutter, you might look into whether any of your stuff is valuable.


 If you’ve seen Antique Roadshow, you know that sometimes objects you didn’t think had much value turn out to be worth a decent amount. Have you ever wondered if any of your antiques are valuable? There are a few things that matter – how rare it is, how desirable it is, if it’s authentic, and what condition it’s in. There are experts who can appraise your items and online resources that can give an idea of their value.


You never know which of your vintage items is back in style. Take it one clothing type at a time, moving from shoes to casual wear to business wear. It’s easier to figure out which pairs of jeans to get rid of if you’re looking at all your jeans at once. If there are two items that are very similar to each other, consider donating one of them. If you have trouble deciding what clothes you don’t need, think about if you’ve worn the item in the past year – if not, consider getting rid of it. Quality work clothes or designer items might be worth something and can be sold at a consignment store or online.


Do you have vinyl records lying around? They may be valuable, depending on the collectability of the artist, the genre of music, the rarity of the album, and the condition of the record. You can do a bit of research to find out what type of music and artists are most valuable. Generally, original records are most valuable, and reissues are less valuable. When to comes to mono vs. stereo, it can go either way.

Figuring out if any of your stuff is valuable and paring down your possessions can make for a less cluttered and cleaner home. If you’re looking to tidy up your finances as well, we can help by creating a comprehensive retirement plan tailored to you, based on your unique financial situation and goals for the road ahead. Click HERE to schedule your complimentary financial review at Juniper Wealth Management.